Anthony J Avery
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Encampment, Watercolour, 14" x 11"
Encampment II
Encampment II, Oil on canvas, 16" x 12"
Trotting, Oil on canvas, 24" x 16"
Shoe shaping
Shoe Shaping, Oil on canvas, 20" x 16"
Picking Hooves
Picking Hooves, Oil on canvas, 24" x 16"
Horse Trading
Horse Trading, Oil on canvas, 16" x 12"

Anthony’s reputation over the past 25 years capturing in paint, the closed mysterious world of the traditional Romany Traveller, have made Anthony the most exciting artist in this field.

Not since the days of Sir Alfred Mannings, Augustus John and Dame Laura Knight has a living artist depicted the true essence of the day to day ‘travelling life’ of this living, bygone, age.

Having spent a great deal of time travelling as an artistic nomad, both at home and in Europe; a lover of horses and a freedom of spirit, Anthony relates to the hardships, prejudice, excitement and nostalgia of this diminishing way of life.

Note: It will be appreciated that original works available in this series are limited.
Enquiries direct to the artist. 01989 768118

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The Harpist
Horse Fair Stow
Horse Dealing
Cotswold Horses


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